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TD-901T Cyclone Dryer


There isn’t a better value in the grooming realm than the Cyclone. It is one of the best single motor pet dryers available.

See Dryer Stand as an addition.

Dryer Warranty:

All dryers have a warranty period of 12 months.

Parts which wear from normal use such as switches, hoses, hose attachments, casing, filters, carbon brushes, circuit board etc are not covered and willl be for the customer’s account.


  • 1200 watt motor = maximum power 1800watt.                               
  • HEAT POWER 600 W.     
  • BLOW FORCE 605 G.     
  • MAXIMUM speed 60m|s
  • HIGHEST temperature. 52 Celsius.                             
  • NOISE 83dbA.                     

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