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We recommended using the Super AGR+ ® Rechargable Cordless Clipper, #63855, or the ProClip Excel
The key to clipping is having a good clipper and quality blades. Our Andis experts recommend the AGC Super 2-Speed clipper or the Excel 5-Speed clipper. The AGC Super 2 Speed clipper is a quality clipper that is extremely handy and has stood the test of time. For those times that you may prefer using a smaller clipper, we recommend for the Excel 5-Speed clipper because of the rubber grips on the sides of the clipper, and because even though it’s small, it still delivers the same power as the AGC Super 2 Speed.
Our Andis experts also recommend two blades, The Super Blocking Blade and the Medium Blending Blade for shaping blocking, sculpting, tipping, topping, and gluing and painting for show day preparation. The Super Blocking Blade offers the sharpest tip available for a more precise cut. Whereas for beginners, the Andis Blocking Blade is ideal as it is not as sensitive and aggressive as the Super Blocking Blade.
When it comes to shaping and shipping, make sure that your blades are sharp for that crisp cut edge on the hair. Start clipping on the off side first and the show side last. Remember to slow down your clipping and focus on blending. When shaping or sculpturing, it is better to clip a little off at a time and make more passes than clipping off a lot in one pass.
Keep in mind that you want the calf’s side profile to look rectangular. Clip the high spots on the calf first, clipping hair to the lowest length. Blend in the rest of the low points. The hair on the head of the calf should be completely shaved off. Continue down between the front legs, trimming off all the hair. Blend the brisket to the stomach on the back of the front legs. Shave the hair completely off the sheath of the calf. Shave with the grain of the hair to smooth and square off the back of the rear section of the calf. To make the tail look square, shave from the top of the twist to the tail head.

Large animal grooming can be intimidating for first-timers. To determine which Andis blade is the best choice for clipping your animals, see our Livestock Grooming Guide.

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