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Yes, this is sometimes called a belly shave or abdominal shave. This is often done on cats who can’t or don’t properly clean themselves.

Lion Cut
Typically, a #10 blade is best and safest for a lion cut.

Before Lion Cut

After Lion Cut

Persian Cat
A slicker brush and a stainless-steel comb are best for your Persian cat. By using the slicker brush, you will get most of the loose fur out first and following with a stainless-steel comb will get the fur that is not picked up with the slicker brush. When combing, start with the wider spaced tines and then go back over the area with the side of the comb where tines are closer together. Be sure to brush and comb all areas of the cat in order to avoid matts forming.

Cat Grooming Basics
All cats need some sort of grooming, a good weekly brush out may be all your cat needs, or a bath, dry and clip may be in order. Regular brushing and combing of your cat will help keep shedding down, prevent matts and promote healthy skin and fur.

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